Today we orient our work on the vineyard around respecting the environment.

Modern practices coupled with our expertise allow us to practice a sustainable agriculture.

We grass every other row, which allow the vine roots to bury deeper which limits moisture build up in the grapes, and provides physical and chemical qualities from the ground promoting the highest quality wines.

Leaf trimming is done mechanically on a specific part of the vineyard. The leaves are removed from the sunny side to protect the fragile grapes from the harsh summer sun and allow aeration and to improve grape maturity.

We use two types of pruning, the "Guyot double" on the main Grolleau varieties which enables us to manage the yield and "Guyot simple" on the Cabernet Franc and Chenin vines which limits excessive growth.

We handpick the Chardonnay and Chenin grapes at harvest time, when the grapes are just right. Even though it takes a little longer for the grapes to reach the press, it is more direct and therefore the delicate quality of the pressed juice is improved.

The rest of the vineyard is harvested mechanically. The effectiveness of today’s technology allows a sufficiently precise and selective sorting which is equivalent to the traditional handpicked harvesting.

The wine making….

For the Cabernet franc Rosé, a maceration of 10 to 18 hours is sufficient. while our Red Anjou wines need between 10-25 days to perfect colouring.

Following traditional methods, the creation of our sparkling wines and our Saumur Rosé and medium dry wine is done entirely on site.